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Booking With Make Believe Face Painting

It’s never to early to book an artist or service for your special event. Contact us ASAP , to ensure you are able to reserve the date and time slot you need!

***Remember to Mention Local, First time Client, and Referral Discounts***


Collecting Payment & Deposit Requirement

A  $50 non-refundable deposit will be needed and will go towards the total amount due. The deposit can be paid via PayPal. I accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and VISA. If you would like, you can pay the full amount due, at the time you place the deposit. If you plan on paying the remaining amount due, the day of the event, only cash will be accepted.


Service Includes:

  • All supplies and materials needed to produce each product
  • A chair and table for my materials

***EZ-up canopy can be reserved for your event for an addition $25***


Kids Tiger Face Paint


Face Painting Pricing

1 hour $125

2 or more hours $85 per hour

Design Speed

Each face paint will take 3 – 5 minutes each. Meaning our artists can paint 12 – 15 guests per hour.

The face paint Make Believe uses is a cosmetic grade, extremely stable and high quality product. It should last for most of the day as long as you don’t rub it too much. Water should be avoided since the face paint is not waterproof.

****Custom face painting requests are welcome****

Glitter Tattoo Skull

Glitter Tattoo Skull & Cross Bones


Glitter Tattoos Pricing

1 hour $125 

2 or more hours $85 per hour

Design Speed

Each glitter tattoo will take 3 – 5  mins each. Meaning our artist can service 12- 15 guests per hr.

Your glitter tattoo should last for 3 – 7 days depending on how much you scrub the area where your tattoo has been placed. A variety of stencils and glitter colors will be offered to the guests.

Tiger Hand Print Keepsake

Tiger Hand Print Keepsake

Hand Print Keepsakes Pricing

$15  per hand 

10 hands for $100.

Design Speed

Each Hand Print Keepsake can take 10 -15 minutes to complete, including dry time.

Process is as follows;

  1. Paint each hand
  2. Stamp the guest’s hand on paper
  3. Clean off the guest’s hand
  4. Add details to transform the hand print (each guest will choose what animal or character they would like their hand print transformed into)
  5. Let it dry (the craft paint usually takes around 5 minutes to dry)
  6. Add the name and age to each guest’s handprint painting.

 ***Custom themed requests are welcome***

Henna Tattoo (Hand)

Henna Hand Design


Henna Tattoos Pricing

1 hour $135

2 or more hours $95 per hour

Design Speed

Henna design can take 5 – 10  minutes each. Artist can service 6 – 9 guests per hour depending on how elaborate and Size of design.

Your henna tattoo should last for 1 – 2 weeks depending on your skin chemistry and how much you scrub the area where the tattoo has been placed.

***Custom henna requests are welcome***

Name Painting Sarah

1st Letter Name Painting

Name Paintings Pricing

These can be ordered online or if you would like several painted for your event then Make Believe will hand deliver them to your home 1 day before your event or same day if packaged with another service. If live Name Painting is desired for event, please contact our customer service to discuss options. Minimum reservation time for a name paintings is at least a week in advance. No order to small or to large. Give your guest a gift they will treasure!!!

Single character w/ 1st letter painted; remaining letters written in calligraphy – $20

*** Designs open to discussion***

Name painting (1)

Entire Name Painting

 Entire Name Painted Pricing 

2 – 4 letters – $45

5 – 7 letters – $50

8 – 10 letters – $55

Extra Letters – $3  for each additional letter