Q: Why hire a professional artist?

A: It’s an important investment if you want quality artwork. I use high quality products and have over 14 years in the art industry, including 10 years of face painting experience. As previously mentioned, I was a company trainer for my previous employer and I was responsible for setting the company standard. I’m up to speed with all the latest techniques and I’m always on the look-out for new trends.


Q: Is tipping allowed?

A: Of course! Although tipping is always welcome, I’m never offended if I don’t get a tip. Tipping is always a good way to let me know that I did a great job. Any positive or negative feedback from my clients is always welcome. It helps me understand and better serve my clients. Please feel free to leave a review on Yelp!  


Q: Are the services offered for all ages?

A: Of course! It’s for kids as well as those that are young at heart! You can’t let the kids have all the fun!


Q: Would you consider donating to a charitable event?

A: I’m open to considering these types of events, but it always depends on what my schedule  looks like at the time. Feel free to inquire about theses events and I will try my best to work with you.


Q: Is there a tear-free method to getting a face painting off a small child?

A: Apply virgin coconut oil to face and gently wipe with wet washcloth. Coconut oil is a moisturizer and should be gentle and safe for the skin unless someone is allergic to it.


Q: Is there anything else I could use to remove the face painting?

A: You can use makeup remover, baby wipes, lotion or simply just soap and water.


Q: How do I take care of my henna tattoo so it lasts as long as possible?

A: Body chemistry, temperature and location on the body have a lot to do with how dark the stain will be. It should last for 1 to 2 weeks depending on how much you exfoliate the area and it will gradually fade away.

  1. LEAVE PASTE ON AS LONG AS POSSIBLE – At least 4 hours
  2. HEAT HELPS YOUR TATTOO – The warmer your body temperature is, the faster the henna will stain.
  3. REMOVE THE PASTE – DO NOT USE WATER. You can use lemon juice or olive oil to remove the paste.You can also just pick the dry paste of with your finger. Try not to get the area wet for at least 6-12 hours after paste removal although waiting a full 24 hours is best. The tattoo will be bright orange at first and then gradually darken to brown. Henna stains take 48 hours to develop.
  4. MOISTURIZE – You can use a wax based chapstick to moisturize the henna and it can also act as a sealant to help prevent water from touching the tattoo.
  5. AVOID FRICTION – Exfoliation of the skin is what causes henna to fade.


Q: How do I take care of my glitter tattoo so it lasts as long as possible?

A:  Body chemistry, temperature and location on the body all play a role, but here are some general guidlines.

  1. Your tattoo should last 3 to 7 days depending on maintenance and skin type. Some of us produce more oil so it can affect how long the tattoo will last.
  2. Your glitter tattoo is waterproof. If you decide to get it wet, pat the tattoo dry and do not rub the area since friction will affect the visibility of the design.
  3. In order for your tattoo to last as long as possible, avoid water and moisture in general, from getting to your tattoo.
  4. In order to remove your tattoo, soak the tattoo in water for around 10 minutes and then gently rub isopropyl alcohol on the tattoo or any oil based product or lotion.


Q: Why don’t you offer black henna?

A: Black henna can be very harmful to your health. My henna is made from all natural ingredients and since there are no man-made chemicals added to my henna, the stain that it produces is brown.


Warning to all:  When synthetic black hair dye containing para-phenylendiamine is used to make black temporary tattoos, often called “black henna”, it can cause blistering, open sores, scarring, and lifelong health problems so be careful when considering a “black henna” tattoo.