Make Believe Face Painting Design Collections

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Face Painting

Each face paint will take 3 – 5 minutes each. So I can paint 12 – 15 guests per hour. The face paint I use is a cosmetic grade, fairly stable and high quality product. It should last for most of the day as long as you don’t rub it too much. Water should be avoided since the face paint is not waterproof. Custom face painting requests are welcome.


Glitter Tattoos

This is a great party feature on its own, or you can always add it on to a face painting booking. Glitter tattoos are perfect for those pool or beach parties, and it's something that attracts all ages.


Name Painting

Name paintings otherwise known as Leather Brush Art, played an important role in the lives of most people in the ancient orient. People believed that the pictures in the letters prevented them from pending disaster, helped them make their dreams come true, and that having one’s name painting brought good luck and fortune. Everyone has their own style, but in the end everyone gets their name transformed into a work of art!


Handprint Keepsakes

A Handprint Keepsake is an interactive art experience! It’s for all ages, and as I mentioned before, you can’t let the kids have all the fun! First, each guest will pick a theme or image that they want their handprint transformed into. After painting their hand we then stamp their hand on a piece of paper, creating a hand imprint. Next, we will turn their handprint into their favorite theme of choice by adding special flourishes and details! Each guest will leave with a colorful and personalized piece of art that they helped create.


Henna Tattoos

Henna, also referred to as Mehndi has a very long history with centuries of migration and cultural interaction. Traditionally, most henna is placed on the hands and feet and is often used as part of a wedding ceremony. Modern henna tattooing has now become part of many cultures worldwide. Some people choose to wear a traditional Indian design while others chose henna tattooing as a replacement for a modern tattoo design. Henna tattoos have become a very popular way to express one’s individuality without the pain and permanency of an actual tattoo.

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