Coleen Nungaray, Founder/Managing Artist – Make Believe Face Painting

How it All Began…

Hello all… I’m Coleen, one of the owners and managing artist of Make Believe Face Painting. I have always had a passion for art and in the beginning, I needed to make a little extra money, while pursuing a career as a tattoo artist. Then by pure happenstance and good timing, I began working for Disneyland as a face painter. Once hired, I realized how fun it was and that I was actually pretty good at it.

From that point on I never looked back, making face painting my primary focus in my working life. As the years passed, I developed my skills and eventually became a Manager/Trainer for Disney’s In-Park Artistic Services Department. It was a wonderful experience, being able to interact with the international public, forming friendships with co-workers and making each client smile, one face paint at a time.

After over 10 years of dedicated service, I decided to start my own business. At that moment “Make Believe” was born. My goal being to train my staff (the future of this industry) to the standards that I was taught and to the level of technique, creativity and collaboration with the client that I had developed over the years. Still to this day, I strive to improve my skills and pass on what I know to the next generation of artists.

With this being in mind, my ultimate hope is to bring something new and exciting to the industry that has been so good to me over all these years and maybe bring a smile or two to all of Make Believe’s clients in the process. Please feel free to take a look at our gallery and hopefully Make Believe Face Painting will be included in making your next event a special one for you and your loved ones!!!